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What better way to feel sexy than a beautiful piece of lingerie or a pair of boxer shorts? Many people tend to buy naughty lingerie for their partner for special events such as birthdays, a romantic weekend, a trip to the south, etc. But what about all the other days? Why not feel sexy at all times? By integrating lingerie into your everyday life, you will please your partner, your relationships will come out of the routine and you will gain confidence.

Ladies, underwear and women's lingerie have much more effects than we may think. Many neglect this aspect of their dress, while it should be quite the opposite. This allows your partner to enjoy looking at you, while giving you more confidence in yourself. The more you feel confident and enticing, the more the other person will feel it too. For a successful integration, you only have to replace some standard things, by others that will be more erotic. Rather than take your big bathrobe out of the shower, why not take a pretty satin Kimono with lace of your favorite color? Opt for a beautiful bralette, or a beautiful bra, with matching Brazilian panties or thongs to show off your buttocks.

And you gentlemen, when we think lingerie, it's rare that we think about what a man can wear. There are many types of sexy boxers that are very comfortable. Rather than put on standard underwear, why not opt for an original underwear, that highlights the buttocks and penis. Do not hesitate to dare semi-transparent fabrics and the net. This allows a slight overview without revealing everything. Simply by using this kind of underwear a few times a week, you will see a nice difference on the desire of your partner, while feeling sexy and confident.

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