Universal Silicone Pump Sleeve

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Universal Silicone Pump Sleeve

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The Universal Silicone Pump Sleeve from Calexotics is a penis pump tip. It is very soft and flexible so insertion will be smooth.

This tip prevents air from escaping while pumping with a penis pump. In addition, the small tips that will end up in the pump will exert a slight pressure on your penis to go looking for the widest possible. This tip is very comfortable and is easy to maintain.

It is advisable to use a water-based lubricant on the edge of the nozzle to create a sealant that will prevent air from passing.




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- Easy to maintain

- Easy to use

- Flexible and very soft

It is recommended to always clean your toys with a cleaner specially designed for erotic toys.


Availability Available
Material Silicone
Vibration Sans
Texture Flexible
Number of reviews 0

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